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 About me

Mercedes Orus Lacort

My name is Mercedes Orús Lacort. I live in Spain. 

I am Graduate in Mathematics by the UAB (Spain) since 1988. 

I have 25 years of experience teaching mathematics at university level. 

From Setember 1988 to November 2000, I was working in a computer company as Director of Project Area, as well as, helping others to overcome their mathematics subjects. 

The experience in the computer industry taught me to create solutions to help and improve the client work, and I learned to use an easy language, not just technical, so that everyone who will need to contact me will be able to understand me.

In 2000, I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to teaching.

Currently, I teach math online to all who need help to overcome mathematics.

But no matter if you study in College, or you are preparing to access it. My service is aimed to all who need help to understand math at any level.

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